If you hadn’t noticed, let me confirm that my fitness interests have shifted over the years from aggressive efforts that produce quick results that ultimately don’t last, to a search for the Holy Grail: A way of living that is naturalistic, i.e., fits in with how I live and my environment, as well as being sustainable for a long time.

It isn’t easy. Intuitive eating sounds terrific, but it is extremely tough to reconnect with long-buried and overwhelmed connections of hunger and satiety. As for exercise….try fitting in a “natural” workout when the temperature has been around -20C for a month!

I was however, quite inspired by MovNat, an interesting shift in exercise philosophy that focuses on functional movements, i.e., movements that enhance the things you do every day. Great quote:

And with that one word — “practical” — Le Corre exposes a key weakness in modern exercise: Our workouts are domesticated, while the world out there is still plenty wild. In a pinch, can a man put gym-generated biceps and tank-tread abs to any real use? Could it be that our treadmill-running, elliptical-gliding, well-oiled Cybex world has turned us into show dogs who can’t hold our own in the hunt?