I started my blog almost seven years ago. For the first few years, I wrote something almost every day. A couple of years ago, I joined Facebook. It was just so much simpler and easier to write a short paragraph instead of the “article” in the blog. It also required a lot less thinking. Blog posts began to diminish; once or twice a week at first, then just a few each month. I noticed the same pattern among many of my favourite blogs; as their owners became more active on FB and Instagram, blog posts dwindled. Photos, once works of art, started to resemble the stuff my Dad took on vacation with his Kodak Brownie.

I recently reactivated my Twitter account; I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Twitter is like FB on steroids. Very little comment; lots of links to other people’s posts. Some think it’s cool. I think it’s just lazy. I miss the wonderfully thought out [usually] content from independent thinkers and writers that first drew me to blogs. Until blogs took hold, we were prisoners to “accredited” writers controlled by a few media organizations. Blogging opened the doors to many talented, knowledgeable, and sometimes crazy people. The democratization of media.

Anyway…it’s been a couple of weeks since my last post. FB’s allure is fading and Twitter ain’t cutting it for me. I think I’ll refocus my energies back to the blog and “Share” it on FB. We’ll see.