I hang around with a few great photographers, much better than myself (O.K., O.K., I’m looking for some denial and positive validation here!). A few of them have recently gotten into Instagram. Their normally brilliant stuff looks like the pictures my Dad took with his Kodak Brownie in 1960 when he took us to the newly opened Disneyland in California. I still have the camera in pristine condition.


Question: Why would you take great shots and turn them into shit? There has to be some psychological angle I haven’t figured out yet, perhaps some nostalgia and father figure identification…. a yearning for a simpler, more secure time. For your amusement, my Dad’s Instagram photos (he died in 1961 of a heart attack at age 46):


Main entrance


The Pirate Ship.


That’s me with the pirate….6 years old. Note the cutting edge artistry with the head cut off. Was that intentionally symbolic?


The Monorail….what a futuristic dream! Look at the brilliant representation of blurry speed. What a photographic genius.


Hey, we’re under water and I can see the mermaids!



Merciful Jesus (or any other deity you may hold dear)…..enough with the Instagram PLEASE!!!!!! I get it: Lousy photographers can have their stuff look “artistic”, but great photographs really look awful.