My spam on my three email addresses has now climbed to about 2000 per day. This now precludes even cursory scanning of my spam folder for “false positives”, i.e., good emails that accidentally get caught up in the spam filter. I just came across one yesterday purely by fluke as I was about to hit the “Delete all” button. My only workaround at present is to try to scan the spam folder 8-10 times a day when the size is smaller and more easily scanned by the eye. Of course, at the present rate of spam growth, this will soon become next to useless. Inevitably, it will mean that some good emails will be missed.

This is more serious that it may seem because it renders email far less reliable than it once was and should be. Hell, reliability should be going up, not down! Bottom line: You can no longer expect that what you send will be read; a serious issue in business, and even in personal interactions, e.g., “Hey Joe, we’ll be late meeting you for dinner, see you in the restaurant instead of at your house”. It also means that more reliable methods of communication will have to be found. I’m not sure if texting is more reliable; some texts that I have sent to colleagues were never received, possibly due to network issues.

Spam is truly a scourge that will destroy email’s value. I still don’t get why they do it. Either it works in hooking naive “fish”, or it’s a form of internet terrorism and anarchy by people with sad lives.