A video picked up from various “legitimate” news sources spread like wildfire on Facebook. “First Kiss” ostensibly shows complete strangers kissing. It was later revealed that the video was in fact a commercial for a fashion brand, and that the strangers were all professional actors.

This is just one in a long string of hoaxes perpetuated on the public; a daily event it seems. News sources no longer practice journalism; it’s a lot cheaper to just grab all kinds of garbage off different sources without any research. What we experience as news today is unfortunately nothing more than a collection of opinions, lies, exaggerations, and hoaxes.

And it’s a good thing! Mistrust is a powerful platform for questioning everything you hear, see, or read. Used properly, it can become Hemingway’s “100% foolproof shit-detector”, providing impetus to search out the truth by exploring many different sources rather than relying on one or two. Unfortunately, most people are just too lazy to leverage this opportunity, preferring instead to pick and choose their “truth” to support what they already believe, e.g., the anit-vaxxers, Obama isn’t American, global warming denialists.