When Mr. Dario, our intrepid New York correspondent, introduced me to Harry’s shave system, I was skeptical.  I’m not much of a cartridge shaver, although in fairness I do use a Schick Hydro 5 and some Kiss My Face brushless cream when I travel. Frankly, hotel showers are not the most conducive to DE shaving not to mention the challenges of travelling carry-on with DE blades (Not!!!).


The appeal of Harry’s is that, at least from the photos, the products have a retro look and just appear very well-made. Well, having just received my starer pack ($15 including 3 blades), I can tell you that the packaging, razor heft and feel, blade design, etc., all have a very high value-for-money presentation. I went for the ivory coloured Truman razor and it has the look and feel of a razor many times its price.

Is there room in the market for yet another cartridge razor? At less than $2 a blade, the real test will be how many shaves I can get. Gillette claims up to 5 weeks of daily use for their Fusion blades, while the forums point to a more realistic 2 weeks (14 shaves). Fusion blades run about $4.50 a piece, so we’ll see if the Harry’s blades really are a good deal. Of course, the quality of the shave will also be of paramount importance. Let you know tomorrow.