Following up on yesterday’s post, I had my first shave with the new Harry’s razor and blade system. I had a three day beard growth, so a good challenge for any blade.


The handle has an excellent ergonomic shape and heft; no gimmicky rubber strips, racing stripes, or flashing lights – it has a real quality feel to it. Some critics have found it a little slippery when soapy and I would agree, although since I shave in the shower and can rinse it easily, it is a non issue.

The blade is outstanding. Unlike both the Fusion and the Schick Hydro 5 which feel “dead”, it provides lots of feedback although very little drag even with a three day beard. Again, unlike its competitors, the blade pivot system is firm and contouring rather than loose and flailing. It immediately brought to mind the difference between driving a BMW vs a Buick – this is a shavers blade, satisfying even to the classic DE user. Longevity and value remains to be seen; at nearly $2 a piece with shipping costs, it will need to last a long time to compete with a good DE blade at about $0.40 for 4-5 shaves.


The creme has received a lot of negative reviews mainly because it doesn’t lather. Note: It’s not meant to! This is NOT a lathering cream that you put in a shaving brush and build tons of soapy mousse. This cream is akin to many high-end creams such as Clinique’s; it is meant to lubricate and soothe. Lots of lather probably wouldn’t even work well as it would clog up the blades very quickly. The cream has a very pleasant smell, face-feel, and rinses off easily. I like it a lot.

Overall, an extremely fine shave that competes well with my DE collection. That’s saying a lot. For quick, low-risk shaves, it is much better than its competitors, which I find generally effective but “lifeless”. Now let’s see how long these blades last. Photos from Harry’s FB and web site.