Last week I was scheduled for a flight to Halifax that wound up being cancelled because the client wanted to reschedule the meeting. I cancelled my Air Canada reservation which resulted in a $500 credit on my account. If you want to use the credit, you must contact Air Canada reservations via phone since the credit cannot be applied if you make a new booking on-line (why not?).

I waited a little over an hour for the Customer Service rep. While I waited, I was assaulted by a barrage of ads, most related to some award AC had won as Best Airline in North America from some industry shill paid to select a winner. You be the judge.

I went on line and found a new fare for $818 taxes in. Trouble is, the CSR couldn’t see the same fares on her screen even if she went to the same site that I was viewing. Best fare she could come up with was $999 taxes in, an almost $200 premium over what I could book directly. What a neat trick. Force people to redeem their credit notes through Customer Service and pick their pockets to the tune of $200 of THEIR OWN MONEY. Talk about double-dipping.

No recourse. The CSR said there was an email address I could complain to. Here’s what I did. Yup, you’re right, I took it up the tailpipe!