I don’t know if it’s part of a larger competitive strategy to discourage those on competitive technology platforms, but I’ve noticed that both Microsoft and Google’s products are not quite as friendly on Macs as they are on PC’s and Androids. I’ve been on Google Chrome for Mac for about a year and it has become very glitchy through its various “upgrades” over that time.

Most recently, YouTube videos launch or don’t launch with no apparent and discoverable rationale. This last week, when I print a web page, only half the page prints, whereas if I do the same on Safari, the whole page prints. Weird stuff like that. So today I took the plunge and switched to Safari. If you’re going to drink the Apple Kool-Aid, you might as well finish the last crystals at the bottom of the glass.

For the record, I’m not a big Safari fan; I find the “minimalist” approach to toolbars somewhat stressful on my 61 year old eyes and fingers. I’ve ordered the iPhone 6 Plus and all my friends are critical about the large size. Hey, I’ve got big hands and ever worsening eyes, I’ll manage!