I just got my new iPhone 6 Plus. I love it. My iPad3 has already been passed down to my wife, who passed down her iPad2 to my son, who sold his iPad1. This is the natural order of things. I am iPad FREE, as Maxwell Smart used to say, “And….loving it”. The iPhone 6 Plus is just the right size for me. Big enough for easy reading of books and magazines, small enough as a phone. Apple’s decision to finally enter the phablet market is obviously paying off as the iPhone 6 is breaking all sales records; quite the achievement for a company with a constant string of new “records” with every product it launches.

So much for the good stuff. As usual, in every silver lining, there is a cloud. I brought my iPhone 6 Plus to a workshop in Quebec City earlier this week. Everyone who saw it immediately reacted the same way: “Oh, is that the new Samsung Note?”. Yup…after paying $1200 for the jewel of smartphones…everyone thinks it’s a Samsung. Good thing I’m not attached to status! 🙂

And this is funny: The first thing everyone does when they ask to handle it, is flip it on its side and see if it’s bent. The power of the internet!