My daughter is a huge Dr. Who fan. I tried to watch a few episodes in the past, but never got beyond the first 5 minutes as the plots seemed too bizarre and the story line impossible to follow. This year, I vowed to watch the first episode of the new season featuring an older Doctor. To no avail….what a piece of crap I thought, why would anyone watch this and how could it garner an audience for some 50 years?

I asked my daughter about the show’s appeal and confessed the difficulty I’d had watching it. “Of course”, she said, “You can’t just come into a Dr. Who episode ‘cold’, there’s too much back-story, too much history”. She suggested I start at the series “rebirth” in 2005, where the storyline was re-set to bring a new and younger audience into the fold. I did as she suggested and can now claim, after 10 episodes, I’m hooked!  What a great series. My wife and I have vowed to do a marathon over the next month and catch up all the way to the latest season. Try it. It’s on Netflix.