A kafeneio is a traditional Greek coffee shop where old-timers get together to sip coffee, shoot the shit, and reminisce about past glories, real or imagined.


POTD – Pic(s)-Of-The-Day

SOTD – Shave-Of-The-Day

YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

EHM – Eunuch’s Hairless Mug


19 thoughts on “About”

  1. Natacha said:

    I have to say I have no life… i read your blog everyday along with my mail… And suprisingly… enjoy it!! If only my leg shaving was interesting!

  2. Thanks. Its good writing practice and I enjoy the discipline of writing for others rather than just keeping a journal where you write all kinds of crap that you later regret. As for shaving the legs, you’d be surprised how many ladies are on the shaving discussion boards and use many of the same products for their legs and other parts.

  3. Michael Best said:

    I’m looking for some more info about the monks of Mt Athos – I work for a Canadian food documentary series for Food Network Canada and we think it would be a good story for us – but I need to figure out how to contact the monks and if anyone speaks English. If you can help, that would be lovely! Thanks!
    Michael Best
    Ocean Entertainment
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  4. Michael Best said:

    Sorry – I submitted my e-mail address wrong – it;s michaelbest@eastlink.ca

  5. Hi there!

    Nice place here and I was attracted by the name!
    I’d like to invite you to visit the only greek traditional shaving related (primary, but we touch any point that has to do with men’s health) forum. I write down in english (or at least I try, haha) because I have no idea if you can greek. Our community is majorly in greek language, there are considerations to create international sections in english and german languages. Of course we need the potential and the reasons to do this! We try to grow, and to give and receive our lights in the case of traditional shaving and we try to make this more popular in Greece!

    Anyone who reads this can consider him/herself as invited to visit our forum and get a member!

    With best regards

    Stefanos Sidiropoulos
    aka Moccahead
    Moderation Team mens-only.gr

  6. Love your blog! And I wanted to personally invite you to be one of the top cooking Advisors on ShopSquad, a free shopping advice website where shoppers and your readers can ask Advisors (i.e. you!) for advice.

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    Feel free to ask me any questions: marshall@shopsquad.com. Thanks!

  7. I read your EGYPTIAN wink eye – my mother used that epression over 80 years ago. Where do you live? !

  8. Steve’s Third Axiom , you need to restate them!

  9. ciao! luvFAB blog.

  10. This is such a cool blog, I wanted to recommend some organic and natural shaving paraphernalia for you!

  11. Steve – I’m a fan of your blog. I wanted to see if you were interested in looking at an innovative shaving product that could be a nice fit for an article on your website. It’s a recently launched Kickstarter project called “RazorPOD”. Please let me know if it makes sense for us to have further communication.

    best regards,

  12. Dear Steve,

    I work for Cremo Company and wanted to speak with you — a notable shaving blogger (among other talents)– about our shaving and skin-care products. (We’re a national brand these days, fyi.)

    I read your 2007 review of our “astonishing shave cream” and “invention myth” (actually, true–I witnessed it) with interested dismay, but otherwise appreciate your literate, eclectic musings and curation.

    Fred@cremocompany.com is how to reach me. For realz, as the kids say.

    All our best,

    Fred Greene

  13. Steve,
    I hope this finds you well. I was told by a few of my safety razor friends to send you a link to my review of 8 different blades i did the other day. I do not really have an outlet for this, i just wrote this up for fun in my spare time. I have put a link bellow. I look forward to hearing what you think. If you happen to take the time to read it, make sure you expand all the photos as you scroll. Thanks



  14. Steve: we have not heard from you in quite some time. Hope all is well. Enjoy your holidays.

  15. Have transferred my writing to our new corporate web site’s blog, Leadership Insights. It’s at: http://www.mediusinternational.com. Couldn’t find time for both and even so, crazy busy with work.

  16. Glad that you’re OK.

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