We are drowning in internet bullshit. Lies, distortions, exaggerations, and hyperbole are the rule not the exception. The big rule by far….like, not 75%….more like 95%. On the one hand, knowing this is pretty good because it forces you to be much more scrupulous and diligent in your fact checking. Well, it forces some of us….maybe a few….maybe like, 10%. The rest just take the bullshit as gospel and reorient their behavior around it. Pretty soon their lives become full of bullshit ideas; what Eckhart Tolle calls “Mental pollution”.  Some of the bullshit is just self-destructive. Some is destructive of others as well; think antivaxxers and their impact on the resurgence in horrible diseases once thought almost eradicated.

And recent research shows that the more indisputable facts you present to the believers of falsehoods, the more entrenched they actually become in their ideas. Such is the Ego.

An interesting article by a journalist, provides this wonderful decision template. Read the article for the details.