Cruising the internet is a humbling experience, especially if you consider yourself even modestly “with it” technologically; there’s always something you didn’t even know existed, yet upon further research you find is as common as toilet paper.

I was reading Kate Harding’s blog, Shapely Prose, when I read her caveat to potential commentators:

“*Dear Trolls, this is what’s known as EXAGGERATING FOR HUMOROUS EFFECT”.

Trolls! Hahahahahahaha. What a great term for the various weirdos who feel compelled to jump down your throat for the slightest politically incorrect opinion. Hey, Nutbar, that’s why it’s called an opinion and not a fact!

I Googled the term “troll” and the first link was to a Wikipedia article describing the widespread use of this term for the above purpose and definition. The term “troll” as a fairytale figure, came second. Man, it made me feel internet-dumb.