That’s what one researcher called it: A tsunami of obesity. This latest review of three studies on global obesity rates published in The Lancet is fascinating (reviewed in the Montreal Gazette). Interesting also to note that a few countries have seen their obesity rates for women remain flat for the 28-year period under review (with only one, Italy, seeing a very small decline). Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and a couple of others are most notable. This despite rich foods, wine consumption, and the absence of a formal exercise ethic. Statistics for men are also shown, although the article focuses on the rate of rise in women.

What’s equally fascinating is that the researchers are at a loss to actually explain why, making only the usual vague references to the mantra of fast-food, sedentary lifestyle, etc., etc. Equally, they can’t explain why the rates have not risen in the countries mentioned in the study. That obesity remains such a mystery after 50 years of concerted research and tens of thousands of studies is a testament to the complexity of the problem.

Warning to trolls: Please don’t say that it’s actually very simple: “Eat less and exercise more”….I may either have a stroke, or hunt you down and kill you. Or better still: “These people just lack willpower”. I will definitely hunt you down and kill you for that one.